#10 Church Plant Tool

This blog series will highlight the top 10 things that have been extremely helpful for me in planting The Well in Boulder, CO.  By no means is this list complete or exact, but I think it will be helpful for some.  Enjoy.

#10 Counsel For Christian Workers by: C.H. Spurgeon

To be honest this book could have gone just about anywhere on my list.  It has had a profound influence on me and how I lead.  C.H. Spurgeon asks many questions that are a great test for all about to follow Jesus into church planting.

I especially love the chapter entitled, “Workers Who Are Successful”.  Success is a weird thing in ministry.  Spurgeon gives great insight into what it means to be successful in ministry.

Here is a taste of what I am talking about from the book:

“…According to Christ’s laws, every Christian is to be a minister in his own sphere; every member of the church is to be active in spreading the faith which was delivered not to the minister, but delivered to the saints, to every one of them…”

There are many other great insights but this one has been very helpful for me.  Buy it and enjoy it.


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