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#9 Church Plant Tool

#9 Mix Up The Tool

For me it has been vital to have different tools in my church plant toolbelt.  What do I mean?  It is tempting for me to read, study, interact with only those who belong to my tribe.  I love the reformed groups like Desiring God and Acts 29 but from time to time I need to hear a word from someone who doesn’t theologically land exactly where I do.  Hear me, I am not saying go listen to people who are abandoning the faith.

It is good for me and the church that I am leading to get biblical understanding from several streams that love Jesus.  For example, I really wanted to go to The Gospel Coalition National Conference.  I love everyman who was on that stage and it would of been a great learning opportunity, but I didn’t get to go.  I started looking for something else to take our church plant team to and one of our guys, Chase Davis showed me The Word Conference. I have heard of most of the guys who will be teaching but you usually don’t see them at many of the conferences or events I normally go to.  What I do know is that these men love Jesus and his word.  Because of their love for Jesus and his word I will go and listen to them and hopefully by God’s grace become a better pastor.

In Acts 15:36-41 we have a disagreement between Paul and Barnabas over who to take with them on their missionary journey.  Ultimately they separate and go their own ways and the church spreads.  You see we do not have to agree on everything for the church to grow.  God can send us different ways and still use his church.  What we do need to hold fast to are things like the death, burial, resurrection of Jesus, the virgin birth, ascension of Jesus, the trinity, and salvation by grace through faith.

Don’t just have a tool belt full of the exact same tools.  Mix it up from time to time.  It is fine to have a tribe. All I am saying is listen to others who truly love our Lord.  It will make us all better pastors.